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Brick Briefs

Brick Briefs are short discussions on specific topics related primarily to the design, construction, and maintenance of residential brick masonry. Formerly known as Engineering and Research Digests, these are written in a format that is friendlier to non-technical users than the Technical Notes series.

Brick Brief - Arches   Arches 
 Clay Pavers for Fire Lanes and H20 Loadings
 Brick Brief - Curved Brick Walls  Curved Brick Walls
 Designing Anchored Brick Veneer Above 30 Feet with a Backing of Wood Framing
 Brick Brief - Efflorescence Prevention and Control  Efflorescence Prevention and Control
 Brick Brief - Flashing Chimneys  Flashing Chimneys
 Brick Brief - Ivy on Brickwork  Ivy on Brickwork

 LEED V4 Building Product Disclosure Credits For Brick
 Brick Brief - Lipped Brick  Lipped Brick
 Queen-Size Brick
 Brick Brief - Quoins  Quoins
 Brick Brief - Recycled Content Certification Credit  Recycled Content in Green Building Rating Systems - Certification and Credit
 Brick Brief - Regional Materials Calculating Credit  Regional Materials in Green Building Rating Systems - Calculating Credit
 Brick Brief - Replacement Brick  Replacement Brick
 Brick Brief - Repointing Tuckpointing Brick Masonry  Repointing (Tuckpointing) Brick Masonry
 Brick Brief - Stepped Flashing  Stepped Flashing
 Brick Brief - Supporting Brick Masonry  Supporting Brick Masonry