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Sustainability and Green Building Design

Today, clay brick has proven its contributing role in green building and sustainable design. Having been used as a building material for thousands of years, brick is made primarily from clay and shale, two of the most abundant natural resources. Brick also contributes to sustainable design through its long life span, energy efficiency, durability, recycled content, local availability, acoustic insulation, low construction waste, and potential for reuse. Finally, modern brick manufacturing incorporates many sustainable practices of its own and has captured great production efficiencies that reduce its environmental impact.

Brick In Architecture Awards Program

Since 1989, the Brick Industry Association has sponsored one of the country's most prestigious architectural award programs - The Brick In Architecture Awards. As the only national association to represent both manufacturers and distributors, BIA is the authority in the clay brick industry. As such, the Brick In Architecture Awards has become the nation's premiere architectural award featuring clay brick.

Clay Brick Pavers

In the U.S., Americans have used clay brick pavers since the earliest colonial days. Some pavers are still in service after 200 years.  Today, many architects, homeowners, builders, designers and city planners prefer clay brick pavers over other surfaces because of their superior color retention, unmatched durability, strength, design options and low maintenance. For homeowners, clay pavers can transform garden pathways, driveways and patios.

For larger hardscape projects, today's flexible paving systems are an ideal surface for adding warmth, elegance and smoothness to sidewalks, patios, plazas and roadways that handle vehicular traffic. Genuine clay brick is also environmentally-friendly and an excellent long term value.

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